Dynamic container Silverlight (or WP7)

Look what happens when you can’t sleep 🙂

I am working on an WP7 project and I have some pivots where I need to have some containers of images, and i waned to make the as dynamic as possible regarding the arrangements of the items.

So any resolution and any layout could have the items arranged nicely.

So I couldn’t sleep with  this in mind and started to make some sketches and finally after 2 hours  of try and error I completed the dynamic wrap panel or dynamic container.

I should mention that before this i tried to use the Wrap Panel from WP7 toolkit  but it was too slow on the phone (o the emulator it was OK , so take care of testing on the device).

I won’t explain now all details (is too late 3.27AM and I am starting to be sleepy 🙂 ) but i have made a video that will demonstrate and also put my test project for download on  SkyDrive.

One more mention should make is that for animations I’ve used Artefact Animator , is faster and much easier to use than creating dynamic animations or controlling one by code.

Source Code Here

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