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Set “Open Command Window Here” Context Menu Item without Shift+ Right Click on Windows 10

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Lately I started to use the console more and more often, more than any tool, so I started to get frustrated to press all the time Shift to open command line in the folder context, so I thought that would be nice to have that fixed.

After 1 min of searching the internet found several ways to do this … I will post here only the one that worked on my machine (Windows 10).I did tried two other unsuccessful methods before this and is not nice to play with registry just for the sake of trying stuff.

Just go Here download the Right_Click_Only_with_Open_Command_Window_Here.reg  and that’s it. Changes should be applied immediately.
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Open file or folder with Sublime as User (or as Admin)

Fortunately  they are some creative people out there and I can find just about anything I need.

I found two ways of adding sublime to context menu … my be they are more… but the first one worked for me and the second one was just close to the first one … so there you go:

Working one OpenWithSublime.bat

Second one  Sublime_Text_3_Context_Menu.ps1 .


Have  Fun!

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Quick way to connect to Windows 10 IoT device using PowerShell

Every time I needed to connect to my Raspberry Pi 2 device I had to start searching for the PowerShell commands, open PS, edit commands, loose a few minutes preparing stuff.

So I have created one file that will contain all the commands I need to get connected to device and start running “IotStartup list” commands.

The content of the files looks like this:

$machineName =’MachineName’
net start WinRM
Set-Item WSMan:\localhost\Client\TrustedHosts $machineName
Enter-PSSession -ComputerName $machineName -Credential $machineName\Administrator

One more thing: Make sure you run PowerShell in Admin mode!

But something tells me, you already know that.

I like images more …


Have fun!

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